Alex Yeckley's 14ft 1964 AeroCraft QD

Date: 2010-10-27 12:30:28

I picked up a 1963 14' Aerocraft runabout a couple of months ago. It came equipped with a 1961 Johnson FD-15 18HP and trailer. So far the restoration has been limited to rebuilding the vintage trailer and replacing the steering cable. Next year my DD13 and I will start a more agressive restoration but for now we're enjoying hugging the shores near Marblehead, OH.

Even though there's a 1963 Aerocraft brochure on Fiberglassics I haven't been able to match ours up with any of the models. It's really, really similar to a Vanguard except it's rated for 30HP instead of 40HP, and the transom width is narrower. I'd love to find some pictures of how it's "supposed" to look if anybody has any.

Date: 2011-03-04 21:22

February 24th, 2010 11:12 PM


I bought a 1964 Aerocraft catalog off eBay recently. I guess it makes sense that a boat manufactured in 1963 would be considered a 1964 model, like cars are. It turns out that ours is a QD-14 Ski Dart. There was a good enough picture in the catalog to see how it looked originally, and it turns out that this one hasn't been too badly molested after all.

Funny to think that back then this would qualify as a ski boat. By modern standards - forget it.

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