14ft 1956 AeroCraft D?

Date: 2010-11-09 01:49:35
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Aerocraft aluminum boat 1950's

Motor Boater Bill
Date: Oct 5, 2006

I have a mid-1950's Aerocraft boat (I mentioned this in another thread
yesterday). I bought it several years ago as a fishing boat. The
enclosed bow had been cut out by some previous owner. It was
originally a runabout, and the original pully's are still in place in
back, the rest of the steering was long gone.

It took me years to even find out what make it was. I finally spotted
the name cast into the bottom of the handles on the back of the boat
when I was on the ground changing my lower unit oil. No other markings
are visible.

I've found very few pictures of Aerocrafts online, and none with the
exact hull configuration I have. I'd love to find a picture of this
boat in it's original state. I have toyed with the idea of trying to
do some kind of restoration, perhaps a nice wood top to enclose the
bow. I like the way the hull planes with the 20 hp Merc (tiller
handle) I have on it.

I've done internet searches with very little luck in finding anything
about Aerocraft. I know this is a Feather Craft board, but I also am
sure there is a lot of expertise here. Any help sincerly appreciated.

By the way, my Aerocraft is 14 feet long, and does not have the
half-round ribs running from front to back near the water line which I
have seen on the ones I have found pictures of--maybe those are later

And, yes, I also lust after a Vagabond, but that's another story!



I'll try to get some better picks, but here are three that show
various elements of the boat--seems most of my pictures are of fish!

Note that the chines (if I have my terminology correct) curve up
toward the bow, but join the gunnel a ways back from the prow. This is
the most distinctive visual element of this hull. The registration
says it's a 1956 but I wouldn't put much stock in that.


I have looked carefully at my boat and taken some measurements. There
are two seats, and the enclosed bow appears to have come back about
six feet along the gunnels, given the rivet holes. There were two
upright braces at the back of the front seat, which were cut off flush
with the seat. There also appears to have been some kind of bar or
brace running from one gunnel to the other right behind the front
seat. This leads me to suspect there may have been two separate
seating areas. Or these might have just been supports for the seat

I'd sure like to know what this baby looked like originally!

Length is right at 14 feet, width is 58.5 inches at the widest spot in
the gunnels, and the stern is 48 inches at the widest point. The back
of the front seat is 8 feet from the prow.

If there were two separate seating areas (2 decks), it may be like the
QSD Alumaglass mentioned--thanks for that info. Can you post a

Note--I learned that I have to say "seating area" instead of ****pit,
since the filters here don't like the word generally used (starts with
c and rhymes with rockpit) for the seating area in a plane or speed
boat! Sorry!

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