16ft 1970 AeroCraft CS-16

Date: 2011-03-20 00:10
Serial: CSF82942
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September 9th, 2010 08:05PM
Belt Fed

Hi everyone, I have a 16' AeroCraft square stern canoe. The hull identification no. is CSF82942. Is there any way to tell the year of manufacture by this number? It is left blank in my registration cert. I believe it is 1970 or earlier because it has a 1970 sticker on the bow. Thanks for your help.

September 10th, 2010 08:12AM

I'd put it at 1969-1970. Definately earlier than '72. There's no way
to tell by the number itself, I had to add up the production numbers
since 1946. Aerocraft serialed thier boats based on sheer production
numbers, so yours is the 82,942th boat made since then. That's very
late in Aerocrafts history. Actually, you have a "Browning Aerocraft"
because Browning Arms bought Aerocraft out in 1969.

I know it's earlier than 1972, otherwise it would have had a 12 digit
Hull Number.

The way the production numbers spread out, it's right on the line
between '69 and '70. I tend to lean toward the earlier year.

I did all this for my boat, which I origionally thought to be an early
'7o's boat, and it turned out to be a 1956!

To register your boat, you'll have to get it assigned a new HIN (12
digits) and when you do that, you can tell them what year you think it
is. It doesn't have to be exact. Ohio is still under the impression
that mine is a '67 because that was the previous owner's guess.

Hope this helps.

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