Kevfin Mueller's 16ft 1958 Aero-Glas Super Satellite

Date: 2011-06-10 13:01:20

This is another 1958 model. It will take some effort to dress this boat up to the point that it fits in with the collection, but it can be done. One of the pluses is the excellent Aeroglass literature I have. But the hardtop I have planned for it is the real icing on the cake.

The AeroGlass, Super Satellite Sixteen was advertised as being featured on the hit TV game show ''The Price is Right.'' And the price was right on this one. A friend and I literally pulled it out of a ditch where it lay buried amidst a small dump. It was offered free for the hauling. It went on the trailer very well, but became so stuck in the mud driving back to the road that I won- dered if we might have to leave it behind after all It took us two hours to get it, and the truck, pulled free. I thought I would have a heart attack!

This boat has very unique fins that can be considered 30 inches high, measuring from the spray rail up. As mentioned, this boat is an absolutely perfect match for the ''Sea Breeze,'' aftermarket hardtop. That roof is designed to pivot for easy access. The pivot /attachment point will be the inside edge of the forward part of the tail fins, and that is what makes it worth while to save this boat. There is only one other of these known, but were it not for the hardtop, it would not be suitable for my collection. Due largly to it's condition, this boat is right on the border of what is worthwhile, but like they say, ''The price was right''!

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