AeroCraft York

Date: 2012-07-25 12:54:50
State: MI
Serial: WWYO7790

July 9th, 2012, 03:40 PM

I have a YO that I don't know much about. It seems the company had switched ownership so much that the trail of information is limited.

I bought my Aerocraft near Detroit about 10 years ago. It's funny because I live about 20 minutes from St Charles Michigan where the boat was built supposedly.

The YO model is York according to fiberglassics website.

I never paid any attention to the blue light, but after reading your post, I went and looked, and sure enough mine is blue as well.

I have read your thread on the resto and have been watching for updates. I would like to do the Transom and stringers on my boat in the near future. It has been fun to watch your progress.

Take care! I will post more pics soon.

I have had this boat out a great deal and I like the high sides and the overall stability. You can fight a fish at the gunwale and not feel like your going overboard.

I only have a 50 hp force motor and it goes 24 or 25 mph flat out with just me in it. I troll in 1 to 2 footers all day long. it handles them great. I like it to because it isn't to big to go in the smaller lakes and streams. It's definitely way more comfortable and roomy then the smaller boats.

Date: 2012-10-01 19:54:47

What I have here is a AeroCraft York. I'm not sure of the exact year. It appears to be somewhere between 1963 and 1970.
It's a 18 foot outboard runabout. I've owned it for 10 years or, so and have used it often. It has a 1992 Force 50hp. The Force has served me well. The boat is primarily used for trolling walleye in the Saginaw Bay and river, and a little tubing. As my two kids are teens now I would like to update to more a more power full engine. Before I get a bigger outboard I need to address first things first. I certainly don't want to be in "Denial".

Date: 2012-10-01 20:02:15

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