15ft 197x AeroCraft Navaho 15 Canoe

Date: 2013-05-06 19:19:27
City: Wayzata
State: MN
Status: fs-deleted
Source: http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/boa/3788027352.html

15 Ft Aluminum Canoe Extra Wide Extra Stable and solid! Other canoe st - $410 (Wayzata Minnetonka near 494 and 394)
15 Ft Aluminum Canoe Extra Wide Extra Stable and solid! Other canoe stuff available
Good physical condition and includes 2 paddles.
More canoe stuff available, too (seat backrests, seat cushions, life vests,
3 anchors, car top carrying pads, orange life preservers, a kayak paddle 62 1/2 inches,,
an electric trolling motor $25 (Minnkota 28 pounds thrust, needs new prop,
2 motor mounts, ropes, etc. I will eventually photograph and post all that stuff
but you could look at it if you buy the canoe. Email your questions there but include a cell
number if you want me to reply (I'll call yourather than trade emails)

Please reply via an email and please include your
contact info (name and cell number) and I/we will call you back ASAP

Please look carefully at the photos, especially the sides of the boat.
You will see that this canoe has extra stability designed into it (i.e. more than a standard canoe.)
It has what are called " sponsons ". Here is what the internet/Wikipedia shows for that:

"Sponsons are projections from the sides of a watercraft, for protection, stability,
or the mounting of equipment such as armaments or lifeboats, etc.
They extend a hull dimension at or below the waterline and serve to increase flotation
or add lift when underway.

Sponsons are commonly used on jetskis and other personal watercraft such as canoes to provide
either additional buoyancy and thus stability against capsize, or hydrodynamic forces to resist capsize.
They can often be easily attached to an existing craft in order to improve its stability."

This is NOT a boundary waters 'light weight' canoe.
It seems like a heavier weight and stronger aluminum.
This is a Browning Marine Branded canoe, and their model name is "Navano 15".
it is rated to 5 HP motor.

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