Charlie Philliips' 14ft 1959? Aero-Line RSD

Date: 2014-04-08 16:35:49
State: AR

I finally got around to getting off enough paint to see the logo....Aero Line. I think this was made by Aero Craft. It is a well made 14 ft dual cockpit runabout. Needs some tender love here and there but I am ready to let it go. Any ideas on the value of this boat? No, you are not going to buy my tee nee trailer. The rear seat seatback folds down flat so you can get to the motor, which is pretty neat. Thanks for the help and I am going to try to load some pics.

Hey the boat is in NW Arkansas. I gave $200 for the boat a few years ago, and I would take $300. I am going to have an extra trailer that could go with it for some more cash. The boat is not beat up but has had some extra holes drilled in it that need welded up. And of course it will need paint and transom work to restore but should be straight forward. It would not be for sale but I have a FC coming in a few weeks. Thanks for the help, I am a newbie but I have owned a couple of FC's before.

Date: 2014-04-11 13:40:23

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