17ft 1962 AeroCraft Sailing Canoe

Date: 2016-01-28 21:22:29
City: Suffolk
State: VA
Status: fs-deleted
Source: http://norfolk.craigslist.org/boa/5422557424.html

1962 AeroCraft Aluminum Canoe
17' Aluminum Canoe made by AeroCraft in 1962. Excellent condition (considering it is 54 yrs old) with just a few minor scratches underneath. I've been out fishing in it several times and also did a 3 day canoe/camping trip down the James River last year with my son. Its balance is perfect, it doesn't flip easily (I've tried) and it glides effortlessly over the water.
When this canoe was made, it was outfitted as a sailing canoe. As a result, the canoe comes with the rudder, balance boards, and mast (no sail with it).
Comes with 3 paddles: One wooden paddle I made myself, one store bought wooden and one store bought aluminum/plastic.

Woven nylon seats are in excellent condition and far more comfortable than other brands' solid aluminum seats (Grumman).

Price is $750 Firm.

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