12ft ALCAN Petrel Sailboat

Date: 2016-05-21 10:25:44
City: OBO North Fort Collins
State: CO
Status: fs-deleted
Source: http://fortcollins.craigslist.org/boa/5597069735.html

Classic Aluminum Petrel 12 sailboat designed by famous Phillip Rhodes - $700 (OBO North Fort Collins)
The Petrel 12 was designed in the mid 1960s by the famous boat architect Philip Rhodes. They were build by the Aluminum Company of Canada (ALCAN) and some were sold in the US by AeroCraft which was a Michigan company. From the internet, I learned that there were about 1400 made between 1966 and early 1970s. Length 12'; Beam 5', Mast aluminum 20', Sails main and jib (100 sq ft total)

The name plate pictures are from the trailer. I have a clear Colorado title on the trailer. I can't find a hull number on the boat, but it must be there somewhere.

This one seems to be quite original and everything is there. The Oak centerboard cover is in quite good shape as is the plywood reinforcing in the stern. It still has the two bung holes in the stern for dumping water while on plane. There are a few little dents and scratches as would be expect in a nearly 50 year old boat. The paint looks to be very old and should be redone. There is one pretty good dock dent in the right side mid way on the boat. It shows pretty well in one picture. There is a small crack in the top of the aluminum transom that I welded somewhat. It is pretty sturdy with the plywood transom piece, so the boat could be used pretty easily with a small electric motor.

The sails are in very good shape with no rips or tears.

I have had it a couple of years and have not had it in the water. I think I am getting too old for this kind of fast boat. I put up the main sail today and it was pretty easy.

This is a project boat that could be sailed as is.

The trailer was made in 1972 and works fine. The tires are probably quite old, but I haven't added any air since I have had the boat. I will pack the wheel bearings and be sure the lights work before a buyer takes it.

Please email or call with any questions. I will do my best. 970-222-23o3

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