17ft Michicraft DE-17

Date: 2022-06-26 11:19:09
City: Andover
State: MN
Status: fs-deleted
Source: http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/boa/d/andover-michicraft-aluminum-canoe-de-17/7501381840.html

Michicraft Aluminum Canoe - DE-17 - $450 (Andover)
Michicraft canoe - DE-17 Series. Strong, durable aluminum canoe that is extra wide and extra stable. Have owned for 37 years, used often when we were younger. Stored inside our garage for last 25 years, great condition. Includes 3 paddles. Additional photos available upon request. Included one photo after lowering Sat, 6/25 from rafters, had a rope pulley on each end and used this system to raise/lower over the years.

Link to YouTube video showing a DE-17 equipped with an electric trolling motor, just one of the ways this canoe can be configured and used along with just regular use on a lake:


Here is a statement I found about these canoes:
"Michicraft canoes, like other brands such as Aerocraft, Smokercraft, Alumacraft, etc use airplane grade aluminum. They are designed with 'sponsons' to be WAY more stable than a traditional canoe. Sponsons are projections from the sides of a watercraft, for protection, stability, or the mounting of equipment such as armaments or lifeboats, etc. They extend a hull dimension at or below the waterline and serve to increase flotation or add lift when underway. Sponsons are commonly used on jetskis and other personal watercraft such as canoes to provide either additional buoyancy and thus stability against capsize, or hydrodynamic forces to resist capsize. They can often be easily attached to an existing craft in order to improve its stability."

If you want to purchase, I live in Andover and you would need to come and pick up. Cash only

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