196x AeroCraft Wheel

Date: 2011-04-14 23:14:32
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What I have up for bids here is a very neat and completely original vintage Aerocraft boats, steering wheel assembly with mount and hub just pulled from a 1950's/60's Aerocraft boat that we are parting out. This steering wheel would be perfect for the guy who is fixing up that vintage Aerocraft or other boat and looking for a period correct steering wheel or maybe for the guy who just needs a cable drive steering wheel to get that older boat back on the water. .Either way for the no reserve opening bid of just $19.99 I think you will find this vintage wheel to be a great buy and find. It a great vintage wheel that you will love!. Now here's what you will get,

(1)Vintage Aerocraft boats steering wheel assembly with mount and hub as shown below. Wheel is approximately 15" in diameter with a 3/4" keyed center hole. Wheel appears to be made of a cast aluminum that is very well made. Wheel has it original "Aerocraft" center cap. Wheel is in pretty good shape for its age with no cracks, damage or repairs. Some paint wear here and there. Centercap also has no cracks or damage and still has a nice shine to it, but does have a few pits in the chrome. With the wheel you will also get the complete mount and hub assembly with cable drive wheels. This whole assembly is clean and in good working order. Some pits in the chrome trim, but thats it, the rest of the mount is in great shape. This whole assembly displays well. Below I have attached 4 pictures of the wheel and mount to give you a better idea of the condition, what you will be getting and style of the assembly.

If you have been looking for a neat vintage boat steering wheel for your project or maybe you have a vintage Aerocraft boat and you needs parts, I think you will find this package to be a great buy and find.

[sold for $109.25 US]

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