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July 4th, 2007 03:45 AM
Washington DC

1966 Aerocraft aluminum boat

Good Morning all,

In the late sixties, my father bought a 66 Aerocraft aluminum fishing boat from a neighbor, along with an 18hp Evinrude outboard and trailer. The boat left the family in the early 90s. Well, after 14 years, I have the boat, outboard and trailer back and am trying to clean it up a bit before I surprise my father and brothers (along with my five year old son) by taking them out fishing in my "new" boat.

I would like to do the follwing things:

- repaint the bottom the same light color blue
- replace the missing cleats
- replace the wood on the transom
- replace the missing rivets
- plug the drill holes on the seats and hull with marine weld (JB Weld)
- clean the hull to as close to original as possible
- remove the spray painted initials on the metal part of the transom
- (do I need to replace the flotation under the seats?)
- find a drain plug the fits

- replace the bungs on the trailer
- replace the lights with something closer to the original look
- strip and paint it the original color
- re weld the right fender back on

I haven't been boating in a long time. I had a sailboat for a while as a kid, but, after all this time I would consider myself a novice / beginner. I would very much like to surprise my father sometime this fishing season. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much,

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