14ft 1962 AeroCraft Vanguard?

Date: 2013-08-15 21:27:50
City: Belmont
State: MA
Status: fs-expired
Source: http://boston.craigslist.org/bmw/boa/4004047722.html

1962 14' Aerocraft closed bow aluminum runabout with 1988 25HP Mercury - $650 (Belmont)

The "little blue boat" has given us years of pleasure, but we've had to upsize for a growing family. Great for fishing, cruising, or tubing -- the 25 HP really moves this boat. There is a slow ooze in the stern from a riveted seam; I can include a small bilge pump I bought but never installed (too little water to bother with). The motor ran well when stored in 2011 but now needs some work: a minor tune up and a new plastic sleeve around the driveshaft. This is a good motor and well worth the effort at this price! The trailer is solid with good tires and new bearings and bearing buddies, and needs nothing. I had planned to keep little blue for local outings but with the other boat we don't use it and I hate for it to just sit.

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