14ft 1960 Aluminum Products 1451

Date: 2014-01-01 22:04:06
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Hey Everyone, I recently acquired this (rare?) aluminum runabout made by "Aluminum Goods Limited" Model:1451, on the plate I found a model, serial, year (1960), not more than 30 H.P, not more than 850lbs. gross load. Has anyone ever seen one of these before? I'm going to get it all fixed up, but not sure if i should attempt to restore it, or just make it my own. It all depends on cost and interest level. I would love to see some original pictures but cant find anything online so far. Thanks for you help Herb.


I found this page on an Aluminum Goods model 1432; looks to have been a Canadian company. They may have remarketed boats made by other manufacturers.

I wonder if your boat could have been built by AeroCraft? Here are the specs for the 1959-1961 AeroCraft Q-14:

Length along gunwale: 14'5"
Length overall: 14'
Depth: 25"
Beam: 58"
Transom width: 50"
Weight: 190 lbs (with front deck)
Deck: 64"
Max HP: 30
Capacity: 865 lbs

You can see what the 1959 paint job was like

Date: 2014-04-14 14:36:40
Source: http://www.fiberglassics.com/fiberglassics-forums/home/alumi-classics/what-can-you-tell-me-about-this-boat#92537

Mystery Solved!

its a Springbok I literally discovered the original paint and logo under a couple coats of paint that had been plastered onto the hull.

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