16ft 1976 AeroCraft Fishmaster

Date: 2014-07-21 23:41:23
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I am the new proud owner of a tin boat. I have no idea what I am doing. That is where I lean on you tin-America. I have zero- I repeat- zero experience in restoring boats. This 1976 Browning Aerocraft Fishmaster was my grandfathers who passed years ago. For about 10 years it has been sitting neglected. I plan on changing that.

It is 16' feet in length. It had an older 40 HP (Johnson I think) but I am not using that. Once the project is farther along I will stop shopping for power. It is sitting in the Grandmothers lawn right now, which is where it has sat for 10 years or so. She just wants to get rid of it and was elated that I wanted it, so win-win. My plan is to just hook up the trailer, inflate the tires and drive it (all back roads, about 10 minutes) to my house saying a prayer or two whilst driving. From there it will go into my garage where the work will be done.

I remember those boats. They were built in my hometown of St. Charles, MI. We knew the owners family before they sold to Browning. Before Browning took over, that model was called the "Coho" under the Aerocraft name.

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