12ft 1957? Aerocraft P-12?

Date: 2015-04-06 09:21:55
City: Maumee
State: OH
Status: fs-deleted
Source: http://toledo.craigslist.org/boa/4965641342.html

12' Aluminum boat with tilt trailer and motor - $1250 (Maumee, Ohio)
This boat seems to be quite stable for a smaller boat. This is probably due to the wide beam.
Even at my tender old age of almost 70 I am comfortable in it.

This boats is fixed up quite well for fishing and is great for in and out of the water. It is light enough and with the tilt trailer I can launch it without submerging the axles. I have taken it on the Maumee during the Walleye run and it worked fine. On a pond, I positioned the trailer with the axles above the water. It took 15 seconds to push the boat into the water. Assuming I remember the plug and have a rope tied to the boat, that is all it takes. From the time I hooked the boat to the trailer hook it took about 3 minutes to align the boat and winch it out of the water. Once again, the wheels did not go into the water and there was no ramp needed. Thus I do not have to worry about the axle grease becoming contaminated from the water. Everything works great and the motor started in three pulls.

The boat really scoots with the 9.5 motor. Motor has been stored indoors since I have had it.

12 ft aluminum boat, 48" beam.

Comes with:
9.5 Evinrude motor has been gone over and runs well.
6 gal gas tank
Tilt trailer with new axles and seals.
New lights.
Two seats securely mounted on plywood.
. Front seat swivels
. Rear seat swivels, moves side to side, and is pinned in so it cannot come off. The side position is for running and the center position is for fishing.
Anchor with rope and take-up.
Tarp cover.

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