14ft 1957 AeroCraft JSDA

Date: 2015-05-26 16:01:04
City: Hudson
State: MA
Serial: JSDA21546
Source: http://www.ebay.com/itm/131519327254

["Golden Knight"?]
[Winning bid $2850]

I bought this hull as just a shell many years ago, and have over the years built this one of a kind vintage runabout with all high quality vintage parts. The only non-vintage part is the new speedo. Pics pretty much say it all, except that this is a rare AeroCraft aluminum boat built in the Midwest by an aircraft manufacturing company. Mush like the Feathercraft in design, but more rare. I had a Mercury 40hp on this boat and it was scary fast!!! The motor was a long shaft and I built a riser for the transom to accommodate it. Included in sale, and fully removable. Transom is as solid as the day it was build, as is the entire boat. No loose rivets. Perhaps best of all, and most amazing, is that the hull and the deck have no dents whatsoever. How rare is that for a 1957 aluminum boat? The only dents, and they are small, are on one of the side rails from docking over the years. See pics. This boat commands attention on the lake, believe me! You will never see another boat just like this. Clear title and bill of sale. Feel free to ask questions.

I do have cables for the motor controls, for use with a Mercury. Also included is a vintage Mercury portable 6 gal tank. Will get pics posted. The original plan was to get an aluminum gas tank made custom for the boat, but I never got around to it and just used the portable one.

Also included is a vintage Mercury gas can, remote control cables for motor, and aluminum boat ladder. Motor is NOT INCLUDED.

Someone asked about the material in the walk-through between seats and behind them. It is either Mahogany or Teak...in great condition besides wanting an oiling. I believe it is original to the boat. I had oiled it many years ago and it was beautiful! I have added two pics of the wood.

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