Kevin St.Cyr's 18' 1949 AeroCraft JCC

Date: 2018-02-28 16:34:43
State: NH
Serial: JCC-16C

I bought this boat from a guy who had it in his barn for 34 years. I gutted it out and fully restored the boat to better than new. New flooring, interior wood, steering wheel, window trim, dome light, seats, stereo, carpeting, motor, bilge pump, toggle switch panel, diamond plate transom, and blue led mood lighting. Original trailer was painted with POR15 and all new lights, brand new rims & tires. Website would only let me post a few pics wish I could post more of this awsome boat, everywhere we go people stop and take pictures and ask questions.

Before resto
6 coats of gloss
Hours of woodwork
Stereo & toggleplate

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