AeroCrafts for sale by state

Type Year Model Const Length Serial State
boat 1958 TSD alum 15ft TSD22601 AZ
boat 1955? F alum 12 11871 CO
boat 1972 York fg 19ft WWYO1164 IA
boat 197x Apache 17 Canoe alum 17ft   ID
boat 1977 Malibu   16ft   IL
boat 196x Z alum 12ft   MI
boat 197x Scout 12 alum 12ft   MI
boat 1945 D alum 14   MI
boat 1958? QDA alum 14ft QDA22878 (reject) MI
boat 1956? Q-14? alum 15ft   MI
boat 1959? TD? alum 15ft   MI
boat 1958? Blue-Sabre alum 16ft   MI
boat 1958? Blue-Sabre? alum 16ft   MI
boat 1960 Crest? fg 16ft   MI
boat 1971 Starflite? fg 16ft   MI
boat 1976 Mustang I fg 17ft   MI
boat 1977 Mach II fg 20ft   MI
boat 1978 Monte Carlo fg 19ft   MN
boat 1963 Lark? fg 14ft   NJ
boat 1956? E alum 8'5 17923 NY
boat 1958 Super Satellite? fg 14ft   NY
boat 1955? D alum 14ft D11405 ON
boat 1955? CC alum 16ft   PA
boat 1956? Aluminum alum 16ft   PA
boat 197x Apache-17-Canoe alum 17ft   WI

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