AeroCrafts for sale by model

Type Year Model Const Length Serial State
boat 197x Apache-17-Canoe? alum 17ft WA 03473 MI
boat 195x B alum 12ft   IL
boat 1958? Blue-Sabre alum 16ft   MI
boat 1955? CC alum 16ft   PA
boat 196x CG-16 fg 17ft WWCG-9668 MI
boat 1960 Crest? fg 16ft   MI
boat 1945 D alum 14   MI
boat 1955? D alum 14ft D11405 ON
boat 195x D alum 14ft   FL
boat 1960 DD alum 14ft DD16291 MI
boat 1955? F alum 12 11871 CO
boat 196x FG-14? fg 14ft   MI
boat 1977 Mach II fg 20ft   MI
boat   Mustang fg 17ft   NY
boat 1964 Mustang? alum 14ft   ME
boat 1964 Mustang? alum 14ft   ME
boat 1975 Mustang?? fg 15ft   VA
boat 1964 Newport? fg 16ft   MI
boat 1955? Q-14? alum 14ft   IA
boat 1958? QDA alum 14ft QDA22878 (reject) MI
boat 1956? QDA? alum 14ft   IN
boat   Sailing-Canoe alum 16ft   MI
boat 1958 TSD alum 15ft TSD22601 AZ
boat 1971 Tarpon? fg 14ft   CA
boat 196x Tempest? alum 15ft   WA
boat 1974 Unknown alum 18ft   IL
boat 1962? Vanguard? alum 14ft   MI
boat 1972 York fg 19ft WWYO1164 IA

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